Oh Man, This Moby One Canno’ Be

The East JinxOh man, this Moby one canno’be

Single release

First single for us in this brand new label ! And we start with a pun…

Composed in… and coming straight from New York City.

Walking through the rainy streets, the feet on the ground, the head in the sky, searching for urban feelings… I heard the bass notes pouring down the walls of those crazy buildings.

I heard the cab drivers screaming… I heard the sirens of the firemen in front of the Electro Harmonix factory… I heard even the beating heart of the city and its citizens, as we walked to the Upper East Side to buy some music gears…

I fixed some harmonic issues and had the idea to fill the song with a slight percussion loop like David Byrne used to do.

In the plane that brought us back in Europe, I’ve completed the song that we’ve recorded 3 years after by Roo.

Music : Luc G. Meessen, all instruments

Lyrics & sampled voices : Loops looted in several libraries from Logic Pro X and Native Instruments

Arrangements : Luc G. Meessen & Laurent ‘Roo’ Eyen

Recording : Luc Meessen @ The East Jinx home studio

Mix : Laurent ‘Roo’ Eyen @ Koko Records

Mastering : Ben De Visscher

ISRC : BE-X82-21-00001 / EAN : 0406494635733

Duration : 3’40” – Tempo : 120 bpm

Release date : October 18, 2021

Credits for the pictures : Laetitia Haas.

Credits for the cover : Part of a nightly composition, the beach, somewhere in the USA, in free use.

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