Hearbeat – Video clip

The East JinxHeartbeat

Video release

Our second short movie on Youtube !

This session took place in the fabulous Trocadero, Liège, Belgium.

Thanks a million to…

Zop Hopop, lyrics, voice by Sacha Toorop

The East Jinx, music, all instruments by Luc G. Meessen

Laurent ‘Roo’ Eyen, recording genius, Koko studio

Ben De Visscher, music mastering

Olivier Herman, video guru at Wash Productions

Dominique Houcmant, photographing the session & acting as “Goldo Fish”

Arnaud Radoux, light, sound, rigging, smoke & lifting basket @ Trocadero, Liège, Belgium

Michel Depas, owner @ Trocadero, Liège, Belgium

Antoine Meessen, dj, backliner

Christophe Waeytens, promotion

Laetitia Haas, executive production

Release date : 18.02.2022

Credits for the pics : Dominique “Goldo” Houcmant.

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