East Jinx Records is a music label founded in 2020 and owned by Noves Group SRL.

After a 3 years long life at EMI Germany as licensed artist, then after 20 years of silence, Luc G. Meessen, as a multi-instrumental musician, has decided to explore new musical fields. If the songs are mostly born and recorded home during the last two years, they are partially re-arranged and mixed by the amazing Laurent ‘Roo’ Eyen @ Koko Records Studio – Sprimont, Belgium.

The aim of this musical project is simple : to offer creative compositions to Belgian and international artists, renowned or not, targeting the beauty of the pieces, their stories, their depths.

The melodic and lyrical returns are then recorded in the studio and mixed down to several formats.

We don’t care about the style of our music. Could we call this urban wave ? Maybe yes, maybe not ! We’re just writing a bunch of songs. And we’ll try to release a new song every two months.

We’ll see what will happen.

Luc Meessen aka The East Jinx

Credits for the photography : © Aleksey MYAKISHEV

Credits for the portrait : © Denia Zerouali, Brussels (reStart / Rtbf)